Reminder – Public Meeting Montague Gardens-Marconi Beam Improvement District

This is just a reminder that a public meeting will be held today, Tuesday 16  February 2016  to discuss the formation of an Improvement District or Special Ratings Area for Montague Gardens & Marconi Beam.

The meeting will be held in the main event room at the Milnerton SAPS station on Koeberg Road, Milnerton.

Improvement Districts have implications, especially financial for property owners in the areas where they are formed, and therefore, it is strongly advised that you attend this important event.

If you are unable to attend, please complete the needs analysis survey, attached to this email or complete the survey online by following this link:

The proposed improvement district business plan and five-year budget will be based on the results of the survey, so your input is important.

We look forward to seeing you this afternoon..

For more information, please call  021 551 9777 or send an email to

Kind regards

Jonty de la Porte

For and on behalf of The Steering Committee: Montague Gardens-Marconi Beam Improvement District

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