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Commercial & Industrial Property Leasing

It cannot be emphasized enough how much a property investor can benefit from De La Porte Property Group’s large referral network. The constant activity of our brokers in the Commercial and Industrial property market means a large database of tenants to fill your Industrial, Office or Retail space in the greater Cape Town region.

Property owners and investors are invited to draw on DLP’s sound local knowledge with regards to market rentals, annual escalation rates and other market information. Our detail-orientated work ethic means we remain highly trained and responsive to your needs as an owner, proactively working to maximize profit and minimize empty days.

DLP knows our work does not end once a tenant is placed, which is why we provides a professional property management service, creating long term relationships with both landlords and tenants. We have the necessary contacts and tools available to source and manage contractors to ensure timely repairs or upgrades, manage advertising, answer to emergencies, communicate successfully with tenants and to handle tenant move-out and all that comes with it (inspection,security deposits, locks etc).

Not only this, but we also have the advanced technological support system available to screen and manage paperwork of new tenants, collect rent, handle late payments, provide thorough financial reports and keep detailed records.

So contact one of our agents and register your property now, or alternatively, peruse our listed properties today and experience the peace of mind of a truly professional service.

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