Construction set to commence on the upgrade of Bosmansdam Road between Milnerton, Montague Gardens and Century City

Sable Square is a mixed-use property development consisting of prime retail and office space.

Construction crews have already set up a base near the BP service station between Koeberg Road and Bosmansdam Road and work should start early in May 2018.

The stretch of road between Koeberg Road in Milnerton and the intersection between Century City and Montague Gardens will be widened by two additional lanes due to high traffic volumes on Bosmansdam Road.

Bosmansdam Road links Koeberg Road otherwise known as the M5 to the N7 National Road.

The Montague Drive/Bosmansdam/Century City Avenue intersection

The Montague Drive/Bosmansdam/Century City Avenue intersection causes major traffic congestion and it is hoped that the road upgrade will have a significant impact on traffic exiting Montague Gardens, and travelling North towards Bellville, Epping and the airport.

The recent development of the massive Woolworths distribution centre of the corner of Montague Drive and Bosmansdam Road in Montague Gardens has added additional traffic to the already busy intersection.

The inconvenience of major roadworks

Businesses and properties that are accessed via Bosmansdam Road should benefit from the upgrade but will have to put up with the inconvenience of major roadworks for the foreseeable future.

Montague Gardens, Milnerton and Century City will benefit

“Easing traffic congestion will provide more impetus to the already popular nexus of Milnerton, Montague Gardens and Century City as a popular business destination” commented Jonty de la Porte of De La Porte Group, a commercial and industrial property broker whose business has been located in the area since 1998.

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